Nate Stewart


Mental Health Advocacy

Nate has devoted himself to mental health advocacy for one simple reason. 

Someone did it for him.

Nate has struggled with mental health issues since the age of 10 but wasn't diagnosed until he was almost 21. His journey is filled with the lows of depression, anxiety, addiction, suicide attempts, and more. But, his story is also filled with the highs that come from learning how to live a life filled with purpose and hope even in the midst of his struggle.  

Having a mental health struggle doesn't exempt a person from the love of God, it is not a sin or a weakness to have a mental health struggle, and it is still possible to live a life that is extraordinary.



Nate Stewart is an author, speaker, and mental health advocate. He lives in Northern Minnesota with his wife of 20 years (Sherawn) and their teenage daughter (Felicia).  

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