Not ashamed of my brain, the mental health journey of a person faith, mental health, mental illness


the mental health journey of a person of faith. 



Not Ashamed of My Brain: the mental health journey of a person of faith...follows the life of Nate Stewart, the progression of mental illness in his life, and the impact that had on his faith in God. A faith in God that began early, seemed to leave abruptly, yet was rediscovered during the aftermath of a suicide attempt. In these pages, Nate shares some of the things the church has done well, and some of the things not done well, as a way to stimulate a conversation around mental health, the church and what faith-based support really means. 

Not ashamed of my brain is intentionally short and laid out in such a way as to elicit conversation using reflection questions at the end of each chapter. Questions can also be used independently as a way to both understand ourselves, and the people in our lives, more fully. Whether in a small group setting, or alone in a coffee shop, it is Nate's prayer that God will speak to you through these pages and do something extraordinary in your life. 

Meet Nate

Hear the story of Not ashamed of my brain: the mental health journey of a person of faith, from author Nate Stewart. Learn how it came to be, why he felt it needed to be told, and what he hopes it may do for you.